About us

Horizon Assisted Living located in Ormond Beach is a newly re-constructed top of the line senior living community which found it’s inception┬áby Pawan Gulati in July 2016.
Our community is located just minutes away from Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach and walking distance to the famous Harley Davidson.
Our compassionate staff have a holistic approach towards the residents, focusing not only on their physical needs but also incorporating their mind, and spiritual development.
At Horizon Assisted Living in Ormond Beach we offer many amenities and activities which allow each resident to be involved to the extent they feel necessary. Each resident’s unique attributes contribute to the culture at Horizon ALF and we understand how to integrate different personalities and lifestyles.
With a wide variety of activities, food and care-giving options, Horizon Assisted Living in Ormond Beach is a senior living community which incorporates all aspects of life.
Senior Living Communities in Ormond Beach are a rapidly growing demand and Horizon Assisted Living understand what the elderly community is looking for. Therefore we have set up a team of trained staff and also have access to medical doctors, physical therapists, podiatrists, and many other specialists to ensure each resident is cared for.
We look forward to meeting with each resident and their family and friends, At Horizon we understand how important it is for a resident’s family and friends to know they are in safe hands.